Wanda Mountain Boys Welcome David Jenkins

The Wanda Mountain Boys are pleased to announce the addition of David Jenkins, singing bass. Dave has been away from the Gospel Music scene for a few years but many will remember him from his days with Golden Street Quartet and Higher Power Qt. 

“This has been a three year journey to get us to this point.” stated group manager and lead singer, Gary O’Neal. “Dave approached us almost three years ago about singing with us and at the time, we were going through a major transition in the group.” “The timing just wasn’t right for us, as we found ourselves looking for a replacement for Claude Johnson, who retired from the group.” 

“Over the past 3 years, we have re-establlished ourselves both vocally and financially and it has allowed us the opportunity to take on another member.” O’Neal stated. “ Adding a bass singer is like adding icing to a cake.” “ We first had to bake the cake” he joked. 

David and his wife Terri are a welcome addition to the Wanda Mountain Boys family and he is already receiving glowing reviews from followers of the group. 

“We asked Dave to come to a concert and listen to see if he was still interested” “We had him do a couple of songs with us and the response was immediate.” said O’Neal. “ I gave him 3 CDs and told him to listen and we would get back together in a couple of weeks and see how it was going.” “He showed up and did the entire concert with us, having learned the entire new recording” 

The Wanda Mountain Boys have returned to their roots as a quartet. They are currently picking songs for a new CD project which will showcase the new sound of the group. 

The group is currently taking bookings for 2018 as they finish up a busy 2017. Make sure to come and join the Wanda Mountain Boys in a concert near you.

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