Update On David Davis Cancer Treatment


The following is from David's wife Rosemary.

On November 9, David will go to Barnes Hospital as an outpatient to begin getting growth factor injections for stem cells. On the 12th, he will have a central line placement put in to use throughout the treatment. As soon as they have collected enough cells for two transplants (one they can freeze for up to 10 years) he will go in the hospital for three weeks. The first few days are scary because his immune system drops to 0 and then they do the transplant. The last week he has to stay in a hotel attached to the hospital so he can be watched very carefully. Then he can come home and stay in for another 3-4 weeks. He will likely lose his hair but they assured him it would grow back & maybe it will be black again!!

We earnestly ask for all your prayers. So far he has gone through the treatments better than expected, although still it's a lot to deal with. He hasn't been able to work since June and even before that the symptoms slowed him down a lot. He will probably not be able to work until at least February, if then. As you can imagine, the financial burden has been astronomical! So, we ask that you pray for those needs too. We are selling some sound equipment if anyone is interested (636 583 4772).

Sorry we'll miss the convention this year. We will miss seeing everyone.

God Bless,

Rosemary Davis


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