The Lesters Welcome Matt Felts

 The Lesters are proud to announce the addition of Matt Felts.  Matt in no stranger to Gospel Music, having sang with groups such as Monument Qt, Perfect Heart and for the last four years, Ed O'Neal and the Dixie Melody Boys. 

Matt is originally from the St. Louis area, having grown up in St. Charles County and says that his dream job in Gospel Music has always been to sing with the Lesters who have been influential in his musical aspirations.

Matt is married to Jennifer and they are blessed with a 5 year old daugher Abbey. 

 Matt shares, "One of the first songs that I ever sang in church was "He Didn't Throw the Clay Away".  "I never dreamed that I would have the honor to perform this song on stage with them." "Brian and Jon and all the Lester family have already made my family feel so welcome."

 Matt will be joining the Lesters September 8th.                   

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