Wanda Mountain Boys Release "It's Worth It All"

The Wanda Mountain Boys are pleased to announce the release  of their latest CD project, "It's Worth It All".  This is the first recording for the group featuring their new vocal lineup as a quartet.  It marks the return of founder and baritone singer, Claude Johnson, and their newest addition, singing bass, David Jenkins.

The CD features 10 new songs from WMB, including two original songs written by group member, Gary O'Neal, "Scarlet River" and "Jesus Loves Us One and All".  

The CD is available on the group's website store at www.wandamountainboys.com.

Vocals for this project were produced at the Tune Room in Manchester, IL, by Brady Rueter and original music tracks were produced by Corey Pearson of the Diplomats Qt. in Bremen, GA.  Graphic work supplied by Scott and Mariah Lomelino at Beacon Hill Media in Manchester, IL.


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