Ron Mitchell Departs Wanda Mountain Boys


It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of Ron Mitchell from the Wanda Mountain Boys.Those of you that  have followed the group through the years have come to love Ron and have accepted  him into our Wanda Mountain Boy family.  The past year has been a difficult battle for Ron as he has had several health issues to deal with.  

It has become increasingly difficult for him to travel as his leg injury has been slow in healing after he took a fall back  in March, injuring the Femur nerve. Recent tests show that there may be more damage than they initially thought and his recovery prognosis has been extended out to 8 more months to a year.  

Ron and the group feel that it is best for him to take the time to heal and recover.  The added strain of keeping a heavy road schedule has made it difficult to keep up the rehabilitation schedule necessary.  

As we always say, once a Wanda Mountain Boy always a Wanda Mountain Boy.  We look forward to ministering with Ron when  possible and ask that you keep him in your prayers.  Ron is by no way finished with his musical ministry and is looking ahead to future opportunities. 

Ron will be replaced in the group by former WMB baritone, Claude Johnson who is coming out of retirement.  He will begin filling dates with us immediately.  We look forward to what God  has in store for WMB.  

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